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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

  • Mahindra-Verito

    Mahindra will launch his new car model Verito Vibe.The expected date for launch is 5 june 2013.Mahindra may launch its new Verito Vibe as only diesel model in india.

    The fornt look of the verito is same as the previous versions of Mahindra but it is few changes in the headlight console.It looks similar to the Wagon from the side angle.

    The interior of the new Verito Vibe is same as the interior of a Sedan which was launched in month of august in last year.The boot space of the new Mahindra verito is expected to be larger than its competitors.

    The diesel model of Verito will be powered by the
    Renault’s 1.5-ltr K9K unit churning out 65bhp and
    160Nm of torque.The fuel efficiency of the Mahindra verito is also improved and it will be about 21km/litre.

    PRICE:- The Verito Vibe is expected to start at around Rs 4.5 lakh and the top-end version of the Verito Vibe diesel is expected to cost around Rs 6.5 lakh.


    Interior/exterior-- 9 outof 10

    Performance-- 8 outof 10

    Quality-- 8 outof 10

    Safety-- 9 outof 10

    Features-- 9 outof 10

    Fuel/MPG -- 6 outof 10

    Its overall rating is 8.5 out of 10


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