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Friday, 17 May 2013

  • Ford-Mustang

     Ford will launch his new car model Mustang Shelby GT500 in 2014.It comes with a V8 engine which is most powerful engine in the world.
    Its V8 engine pumps out 420 hp horsepower and torque of 390 lb/ft.

    Its look and performance is also very good.
    It comes with six speed manual and automatic transmissions.On the dash it contain a button to go from normal mode to the performance-oriented sport mode and it also contain LCD display on the dash.

     The Shelby GT500 Performance package mainly focus on material and performance.It contain:

    • Torsen  differential

    • Unique rear springs

    • 19-inch  forged-aluminum front wheels

    • 20-inch  forged-aluminum rear wheels

    • Bilstein cockpit adjustable dampers

    • Unique Shelby instrument cluster

    •Unique gear shift knob

    The SVT Track Pack includes:
    • External engine air-to-oil cooler

    • Transmission cooler pump

    According to its look and performance its Price is not so high.It will be expected to be between $22,200 to


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